Seniors and Law Enforcement Together

SALT is a cooperative effort among the Elmhurst Police Department and the senior citizens who reside or work in the community. The emphasis of SALT is to reduce crimes against seniors through the cooperative efforts of its seniors and the Elmhurst Police Department by implementing effective crime prevention, safety and education programs.

For more information on meeting dates, contact the Elmhurst Police Department at (630) 530-3050.
Fictional ScenarioImagine the following scenario. When the Elmhurst Police Department, along with the Elmhurst Fire Department Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), arrive at the home of an Elmhurst senior citizen, they find the senior unconscious or unable to offer necessary information such as:

  • Does the patient have an existing medical history?
  • Is the senior taking any medications?
  • Does the senior have any allergies?
  • Who is their primary care physician?
  • Who is their local contact person?
This frightening scenario is all too common for senior citizens and the emergency personnel who treat the senior.
Smart 911

Smart 911 Website

Smart 911 Benefits are:

  • Faster help for Elmhurst citizens in emergencies
  • Corrective medical treatment can begin at once
  • Medical data is immediately available to the hospital staff
  • Peace of mind for the patient
  • Easy access to potentially life-saving information
  • Assurance that proper persons will be notified quickly
  • Renewed sense of community spirit
SALT holds a monthly informational meeting covering topics concerning crimes against seniors. The meetings include presentations from law enforcement and outside resources to educate seniors on specific topics, such as crime trends where senior citizens are targeted. The goal of the meeting is to educate seniors to make them less likely to become a victim.

For more information on meeting dates, contact the Elmhurst Police Department at (630) 530-3050.