Tactical Patrol Officers (TPO)

Police Officer Tactical Team PhotoThe Elmhurst Police Department's Tactical Patrol Officers (TPO) team was formed with the assignment of 6 patrol officers and 1 sergeant. The mission of the unit was to train for, and respond to, unusual or high risk situations that are periodically encountered in law enforcement.

In recent years, the TPO is comprised of specially-trained patrol officers. Specialized equipment has been added to enhance the TPO's ability to conduct narcotic raids, high-risk search warrant execution, rescue operations, barricaded subjects, hostage incidents, suicide threats, and other high-risk situations.

In order to maintain their high level of expertise, TPOs train on a frequent basis and participate in-training exercises taught by some of the nations leading tactical instructors.

Police Tactical Team PhotoDuring all training, a strong emphasis is placed on teamwork, physical fitness, and innovative responses to challenging and unique situations. A successful TPO mission is one that is resolved swiftly and safely.  Officers assigned to the team are cross-trained in a variety of areas and are capable of filling any number of roles at a moment’s notice.

All team members belong to state and national tactical officer associations to keep up with the latest techniques and equipment.