Patrol Division

Patrol CarThe Patrol Division is the largest component of the police department and is responsible for responding to both emergency and non-emergency calls for service from the public.  Patrol Officers are responsible for protecting life and property, conducting preliminary investigations and helping to maintain peace, order, and safety in addition to enforcing the Illinois Criminal Code, traffic laws, and City ordinances.

The Patrol Division is divided into two 12-hour shifts in order to provide continuous, 24-hour police services. Each shift is supervised by a Watch Commander and/or Sergeant. The Department supplements traditional patrol units with Officers trained to perform specialized functions such as Evidence Technicians, Field Training Officers, and a Canine Officer.

**Any call requiring dispatch of an officer, whether emergency or not, should be made to 911**
Part-Time Police UnitDocument (1)The Elmhurst Part-Time Police Unit is made-up of 8 fully-sworn officers. Many of our part-time officers are full-time officers with other agencies, which allows Elmhurst to benefit from their experience and training. Part-time officers in Elmhurst are required to attend an Illinois-certified police academy.

Part-time officers provide assistance at most of the special events offered in Elmhurst throughout the year including: the Memorial Day Convoy, vaccine clinics, park district events, drug take back days, film details, and the Dan Gibbons Turkey Trot. Part- time officers also assist with many organized walks, runs and biking events hosted by the City as well as home football games for York and I.C., and help with graduation day traffic control for both high schools and Elmhurst University. In addition to their roles in special events, part-time officers assist the patrol division with: arrests, traffic crashes, transporting prisoners, special watches, and patrolling our parks, the City Centre, and parking decks, especially in the summer months.