Police Department Social Worker

Social Worker photoStephen Buhr, LCSW   Hahn & Associates

The Elmhurst Police Department partners with Hahn and Associates to offer counseling services when needed. Stephen Buhr, a licensed clinical social worker, works part-time for the Police Department in addition to providing counseling and social services to the community.

Stephen helps address problems at their core and is on call for Department needs; he has responded to assist in crisis counseling, death notifications, and various types of domestic trouble. Stephen keeps an office at the Elmhurst Police Station where he is able to offer private one-on-one or family counseling to address issues that are discovered and reported to him by police officers as they respond to calls in the community. In 2021, Stephen provided counseling on domestic violence, child abuse and/or neglect, teenage pregnancy, elder abuse and/or neglect, substance abuse, job loss, depression/anxiety, coping with grief, couples problems, and teenage bullying.

In 2021, Stephen handled 185 cases for the Elmhurst Police Department with a combined total of 285 crisis intervention hours and in-house counseling hours. Stephen also offers his services to employees of the Police Department who might experience a tragedy of some sort, whether on or off-duty, that they would require some help for in processing their emotions in order to make a full recovery. We are proud to partner with Stephen to provide these necessary services in Elmhurst, and we appreciate his contributions to keeping our community healthy.